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Author Topic: Rollback/reset  (Read 1229 times)

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« on: September 19, 2013, 11:59:24 PM »
I was fighting Sea Troll Queen again. I was having some poor connection issues of my own and dc'd. But no problem, luckily I survived and when my net came back, I tele'd away with no harm. I was in the middle of gearing for a range-based boss, when server resets and rolls me back to fighting sea queen. Then it dc's for the reset. I log back in and I have 3 items while fighting Sea Queen.... I didn't even die in the first place so how could I be with 3 items by queen? I didn't run back to collect cause I didn't even die yet x,x I also Know it was a server reset and not my own dc because the trolls near sea troll queen respawned in their original spot (I move them before I fight) -- Aside from the fact that I was gearing for a range boss when I ended up apparently having died.

TL;DR version

anyways so server reset again forced me to lose attack plate and legs -.-' Stark wings, hailstorm, Drag def, fury orn, tyras helm, primal boots, and combat brace..

Items of interest are attack plate and legs and primal boots ... if i can't get the rest, I can replace them.


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