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Author Topic: What are the prerequisites for making a successful YouTube channel?  (Read 291 times)


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Your question is how to make YouTube channel successful, so I'm assuming you already thought or you'd launch your YouTube channel.

I can tell you what I got to learn from the net.

Extendable content ideas. You should never fall of ideas or don't try to copy exact content from successful creator.
Consistency in uploading videos (daily, weekly) because you need subscribers right?
Quality. This is a must thing. But I saw so many successful YouTube channel in terms of more than 50k subscribers. Their quality of video is very poor. Bad shooting, noisy sounds, etc. So you shouldn't worry about quality of footages right now. By practice it can be covered.
Your content should be valuable to viewers, either entertaining or informative.
SEO. Search engine optimization. Please Google this if you are not aware about this. You're on quora, that means you're know all these. This is most tricky part. Proper titles and appropriate tags. Again this is the vast subject, you have to have study this.
Promotion. Promote your channel on social media, but don't irritate your friend circle by keep asking them to follow or subscribe to your channel.
Whatever I wrote are not pro tips. It's a gist of what I am learning from other people from YouTube and other sources like quora.

I hope this might little helpful to you.


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Re: What are the prerequisites for making a successful YouTube channel?
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