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Application for moderator
« on: January 10, 2017, 12:12:35 AM »
Tell us about yourself:
Hello, my name is Ian, i am 20 years old, i love to play private servers and i am very active, almost 7-10 hours a day. I can be very helpful to other players, to new and experienced players

Why you are applying for this position:
I am applying for mod, why i want this position? well i can be very helpful not only to players but also to the server in any way possible i will try my best to help in anyway possible.

What makes you unique:
What makes me unique? Hmm well i have tons of experience not only with private servers, also with Runescape its self, i consider myself to be a problem solver and love to assist people. helping is one of my main priority, i am a very active player as mentioned above
List all of your experience (don't include other server names):
In total i have been playing Runescape for about 5 years and have been playing RSPS for about 8 and many more years to come :)

Name your goals for GoF
My goals are to help the server become as successful as i possibly can, assist the community with any problems that may occur and to make every player as happy as i can.

Thank you for reviewing my application and i hope to hear from you :)


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Re: Application for moderator
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