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thanks for all your support guys i hope i get this! and updated 8/12/2013 at 10:56 east coast time

Goals and Achievements / goals
« on: August 08, 2013, 04:18:57 PM »
  • get 1b bank
  • 10b bank

[] 100b bank
[] to much to count
  • lots of friends

[] maxout
[] get comp armor
[] help game out alot
  • get a hacker banned
  • help new people

Suggestions / suggestions for ingame by me :)
« on: August 08, 2013, 04:14:33 PM »
well i like the bank tabs but they need work when i depost my inventory it often switches tabs and banks in wrong spot. thats a big one
another one is adding a working search feature for the banks, i would love that.
a voting shop, get 5 points per vote. and get items such as phats and pvp armoers and claws, ect.
just some ideas if i get more ill post it here.

Introductions/Inactive / heyyy
« on: August 08, 2013, 04:09:28 PM »
so hi my names joshua newton also known as gotmailman22 (ingame or forums). im 17 years old have a girlfriend thats beautiful and been a long happy 7 months with her, im an out going person but i hate when people ask me for stuff if you make friends with me, ill help you out. but dont beg. i love video games and long walks on the beach. :D wanna know more message  me ingame or pm me here

updated to new format

Tell us about yourself:well my names joshua newton (gotmailman22) i've been playing this game for a good time now and i like it better than any server i've played and i quit playing them to play and be dedicated to this one I like long walks on the beach and i'm a straight A student. i have a girlfriend been with her for over 7 months im 17 years old and im a cool kid! :D i love playing baseball its my passion and im quick in math

List the following - how many hours you've played in-game, how many times you've been punished, how long you've been a member on the server: 3 days 4 hours and 12 minutes(but going up fast) i've never been punished in game as far as i know most all staff loves me, i've been a member for about a month
Why you are applying for this position: because sometimes when im on i see there's no staff online and well if i'm on when there not, i can keep the help coming. being a good addition to your staff not abuseful i just play the game like everyone this rank will just tell people i am a helpful person and i will do anything to help

Why you think you'd be a good prospect for this position:because i've been employed in servers staff before, one i was demoted due to not playing (i was grounded, lol) but i can play most of the day and when im not on i can be reached if i'm needed and will get on at any time. i respect people sometimes if i'm not even respected.

What makes you unique:because i've been helpers mods and admins even a  hidden admin on a server, i have lots of experience in helping and being prompt with a controlling temper and a good sense of whats right and wrong. i'm unique because i know how to analyze a situation and keep people calm without causing a riot. i know how to do computer graphics, and i love games :D

Name a few situations, and how you'd handle them: a person flaming people using very profound language towards everyone- ide calm him down ask him whats wrong and see if theres a way to clam the situation, if not ide try and resolve it myself.   person botting- i would write his name down if he doesn't respond talk to him later (if online) and report to either zach or slim asap.  if someone is scamming while dicing or scamming prices on items to make a huge profit- i would take screenshots of situation and post on forums, and i would tell the guy to pay up or if someone gets huge payout i would use some of my bank to help him out.

List all of your experience (don't include other server names): i've been a hidden administrator, a regular administrator, mod, forum mod.
Name your goals for GoF:better the community (already great) get everyone to like me, make a big bank to help out some people when its needed, help dissolve bad situations and help stop spammers and hackers

Add anything that you think is necessary:i think i would be more thank good for this position, i want to help the community and the people in it, i love this game its really fun and i want to be apart of your staff.

Appeal/Report / Re: rape scammed me 100m dice for hween
« on: July 26, 2013, 07:12:28 AM »
BEFORE HE ROLLED I SAID MY ROLL AS SHOWN. so im entilted to my reward please.

Appeal/Report / rape scammed me 100m dice for hween
« on: July 26, 2013, 07:01:58 AM »


i payed 100m i said it wasnt my roll but i didnt read it correctly due to poor comprehension level and the fact my heart was racing. but as CLEARLY SHOWN before he rolled i said my roll. AND I WON. WITH 94 KG  as my witness but he said i lost, WHICH I CLEARLY WON. and rape DIDNT pay up. i would either like him to refund my 100m or give me my 100m and hween, as i deserve it BECAUSE I WON. ide appreciate your help slim. thanks -gotmailman22

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