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Introductions/Inactive / Cya Everyone.
« on: August 30, 2013, 10:56:14 AM »
I hate to say this but I am leaving GoF. I will no longer be able to play anymore. And I am giving away all of my stuff. There are some people I want to mention that have helped me. Or made my time playing this server better.

Bella(Bellaaaax): My first friend on this server. Helped me with skilling and made my time playing this very fun. I tried to beat you to completetionist but it never happened. The way it sounds you haven't been on for awhile? I hope you see this. I'll miss talking to you.

94 Kg/Zach: Helped a lot and we kept each other company while skilling. Once again...I still hate you for dragging me into that game of ::zombies that you went afk in and it took over 3 hours that I can never get back. He taught me easier ways of skilling. Which can no longer be done for some sadly.

Cannonmaster: You were the one that helped me start off. I thought you were so rich and probably one of the popular people on the server. Now I know you as a big noob. ;D But thanks for helping me start the server. And your welcome for the primal.

Genja: Your such a noob. It was always fun hanging out with you when playing. And Congrats again on helper rank.

Avengor:...Good times(boring) sitting in your castle while you got 99 mining(nolife) ;) You made the game fun as well.

Anal Rebuild: We hung out a few times ingame. And the few times were fun and made it less boring.

If I have forgotten anyone be sure to yell at me in a reply and I'll make sure to answer your yelling. This server was fun playing. I hope it goes far Slim. Don't let it die guys. Make it #1 on all server sites. I wish I could keep playing. Who knows maybe in the future I'll be back. Hopefully all of my friends will still be here too.

Help / Dced.....
« on: July 18, 2013, 08:24:05 AM »
I dced...and when I dced I died and lost some wealthy items. Full Lannister, Primal Rapier, and Ring of Wealth. It's not my fault this happened. So I was wondering if I could get my items back...

Guides / Around the World
« on: July 12, 2013, 06:10:17 AM »
Around the World

Here is a guide on how to play around the world. It is a fighting minigame. You will fight monsters "Around the World".

WARNING: If you die during this minigame you will lose items.

What you should bring:
You don't have to wear same range gear. Full 3a range set works. As well as black d'hide and karils.

To get there:

To start:

Now I will show you where to stand to safe each monster you fight.

Baby Red Dragon:

Lesser Demon Champion:
You will have to lure him to this spot. If you are unable to do this protect melee. He will hit with mage too.

White Knight
Side Note: He sometimes walks through safe. So if he does protect mage.

Fire Warrior of Lesarkus:

If you need to restock on somethings there is a bank at this part.

King Roald:

For each game you complete you get 50 world points to spend in the reward shop. :D

That is the complete guide on how to do around the world. If you think I missed anything or think I need to add something comment below and I will add it.

Help / Need help....
« on: July 10, 2013, 11:21:44 AM »
Ok I've restarted my computer. Re-downloaded everything. Client and Cache and its still giving me this crap...need help. Really want to play.

Pking / F2P pk Tournament at Edge!
« on: July 09, 2013, 11:02:50 PM »
I will be hosting a pk Tournament at Edgeville. Reply to this to enter the roster. :)

1st-A pair of Dclaws!
1. F2P gear only. (i.e. Rune armor)
2. No pray pots or super pots only normal strength pots.
3. Are allowed a Dragon 2h or obby maul for KO weapon.
4. If you are killed you are out of the Tournament. Last one standing gets the prize.

Introductions/Inactive / Heeeeeeyyyy
« on: July 09, 2013, 10:50:41 PM »
Most of you know me ingame already but oh well. :) I'm Sondag7. Sondag is my last name. Its pronounced like the day of the week Sunday.(German) As most of you know I'm nice and love to help people. I'm 18 and live somewhere in the depths of Iowa. I am currently enlisted in the Marines so if I disappear that is why. :) But I will be back.

Suggestions / New Things!
« on: July 09, 2013, 08:17:18 AM »
I have a few suggestions. A pkp shop. I've had people ask where it is. A search tab in bank. And possibly bank tabs. If any or all are possible that would be cool to have. :) Oh and you herd my idea about Ferocious Rings (1-5) ;)

Guides / Gof Official Price Guide!
« on: July 06, 2013, 06:31:37 PM »
Official Price Guide for Gof-RS!
these are not set prices, simply estimated.
Red Phat: 2B
Blue Phat: 2B
Green Phat: 2B
Purple Phat: 2B
Yellow Phat: 2B
White Phat: 2B
Black Phat: 200M
Pink Phat: 2B
Lava Phat: 8B
Lime Phat: 8B
Bronze-Barrows Phat: 8B
Rainbow Phat: 4B
Top Hat: 3B
Bunny Ears: 2B
Blue H'ween: 1B
Red H'ween: 1B
Green H'ween: 1B
Santa Hat: 3B
Black Santa: 100M

Other Rares:
Vanguard Helm: 50M
Vanguard Body: 100M
Vanguard Legs: 100M
Vanguard Gloves: 50M
Vanguard Boots: 50M
White Walker Aka Virtus
White Walker Mask: 300M
White Walker Robe Body: 300M
White walker Robe Legs: 300M
Pernix Cowl: 300M
Pernix Body: 300M
Pernix Legs: 300M
Battle-Mage Helm: 200M
Battle-Mage Robe: 250M
Battle-mage Robe Legs: 250M
Battle-mage Gloves: 100M
Battle-mage Boots: 200M
Dragon Claws: 350M
Souledge: 2B
Spartan Shield: 1.5B
Spartan Spear: 1B
Angel Wings: 2B
Staff of Light: 2B
Ring Of Wealth: 1.5B
Spartan Crossbow: 1B
Zanik's Bow: 1b
Rainbow Cape: 4b
Scythe: 1.5B
Egg Basket: 2B
Sword of 1000 Truths: 500M
Korasi Sword: 250M

PvP Armor: (non corrupt degrades worth 50M or less)
Corrupt Statiu's Full Helm: 100M
Corrupt Statiu's Platebody: 150M
Corrupt Statiu's Platelegs: 150M
Corrupt Statiu's Warhammer: 100M
Corrupt Vesta Chainbody: 150M
Corrupt Vesta Plateskirt: 150M
Corrupt Vesta Long Sword: 150M
Corrupt Morrigan's Coif: 100M
Corrupt Morrigan's Leather Body: 150M
Corrupt Morrigan's Leather Chaps: 150M
Corrupt Zuriel's Hood: 100M
Corrupt Zuriel's Robe Top: 100M
Corrupt Zuriel's Robe Bottom: 100M
Corrupt Zuriel's Staff: 100M

Custom Sets:
Skill Master Armor Set(all): 6B
Helm: 1.5B
Body: 1.5B
Legs: 1.5B
Shield: 1.5B

Full Spartan: 3B
Helm: 500M
Gloves: 500M
Boots: 500M
Plate Body: 800M
Plate Legs: 800M

Corrupt Dragon: 3B
Full Helm: 500M
Wings: 1B
Plate Body: 750M
Plate Legs: 750M
Boots: 400M
Gloves: 400M

Dark Knight: 1B
Full helm: 200M
Plate Legs: 400M
Plate Body: 200M
Boots: 150M
Gloves: 150M
Cape: 250M

KnightMare: 3B
Helm: 750M
Body: 800M
Legs: 800M
Gloves: 250M
Boots: 400M

Destroyer: 2.5B
Helm: 500M
Body: 800M
Legs: 800M
Gloves: 400M
Boots: 400M

Dungeoneering Items:
Chaotic Rapier: 100M
Chaotic Longsword: 100M
Chaotic Maul: 100M
Chaotic Staff: 100M
Chaotic Crossbow: 150M
Ring of Vigour: 100M
Primal Fullhelm: 150M
Primal Platebody: 300M
Primal Chainbody: 200M
Primal Platelegs: 250M
Primal Boots: 150M
Primal Gauntlets: 100M
Primal Kiteshield: 200M
Primal Maul: 400M
Primal 2h: 500M
Primal Rapier: 300M
Primal Pickaxe: 300M
Primal Hatchet: 250M
Primal Warhammer: 100M
Primal Dagger: 50M

Fraction Wars:
Targaryen Chestplate: 250M
Targaryen Tassets: 250M
Targaryen Boots: 100M
Greyjoy Helm: 50M
Greyjoy Robe: 150M
Greyjoy Robe Leg: 150M
Greyjoy Boots: 50M
Greyjoy Gloves: 50M
Stark Staff: 2B
Stark Visor: 100M
Stark Pancho: 150M
Stark Leggings: 150M
Lannister Fullhelm: 150M
Lannister Platebody: 250M
Lannister Platelegs: 250M
Wildling Cape: 350M
Wildling Boots: 150M
Kingslayer Boots: 150M
Lannister Cape: 100M
Stark Cape: 50M
Greyjoy Boots: 150M

Desert Wars:
Targaryen Cape: 100M
Auspicious Katana: 100M
Greyjoy Wings: 150M
Desert Disguise: 50M
Snake Charm: 25M

Around the World:
Marmaros Fullhelm: 25M
Marmaros Platebody: 50M
Marmaros Platelegs: 50M
Marmaros Gauntlets: 100M
Flameburst Defender: 175M
Excalibur: 200M
Colored Whips: 100M

The Wall:
Tyras Helmet: 150M
Archleather Boots: 100M
Hexhunter Bow: 200M
Frostbite Dagger: 250M
Hailstorm Dagger: 200M

Grim Reaper:
Rogue Mask: 25M
Rogue Top: 25M
Rogue Trousers: 25M
Rogue Gloves: 25M
Rogue Boots: 25M
Glowing Dagger: 150M
Ivandis Flail(30): 50M
Green Tricorn Hat: 10M
Warlock Top: 25M
Warlock Legs: 25M
Dragon Staff: 150M

Mage Arena:
Blood Mage Hood: 150M
Blood Mage Robetop: 150M
Blood Mage Robebottoms: 150M
Book of Cataclysm: 200M
Staff of Sanguine: 100M
Stark Wings: 200M

Hunger Games:
Vine Whip: 400M
Completionist Cape(USA): 250M
Completionist Cape(Jamican): 250M

Gladiator Sword: 300M
Rainbow Full Helm: 250M
Rainbow Platebody: 500M
Rainbow Platelegs: 400M
Coliseum Hat: 300M
Coliseum Body: 350M
Coliseum Legs: 350M

Level Points Shop:
Elysian Spirit Shield: 1.5B
Divine Spirit Shield: 1.5B
Spectral Spirit Shield: 1.5B
Arcane Spirit Shield: 1.5B
Armadyl Godsword: 300M
Bandos Godsword: 250M
Bandos Chestplate: 150M
Bandos Tassets: 150M
Bandos Boots: 50M
Dragon Full Helm(or): 50M
Dragon Platebody(or): 100M
Dragon Platelegs(or): 100M
Dragon Plateskirt(or): 100M
Dragon Shield(or): 75M
Dragon Boots: 10M
Dragon Gauntlets: 20M

Made by - 94 Kg

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